Are the discomfort and inconvenience of hemorrhoids affecting your everyday life?


Hemorrhoidal disease is a common and non-malignant condition affecting the anorectal area. It impacts millions of individuals globally, presenting a significant medical and socioeconomic challenge. The prevalence of hemorrhoids worldwide is estimated to be around 4.4%. For those seeking a hemorrhoids solution, understanding this condition’s prevalence emphasizes the need to address this health concern. Globally, hemorrhoids affect millions of individuals, with varying prevalence rates in different countries. 

The prevalence of hemorrhoids in Australia is 38.93%, while in Israel, it is approximately 16%. In Korea, the rate is 14.4%, and in Ethiopia, it’s around 13% [1]. In the United States, the general population has a prevalence of approximately 4.4% [2], India with a notable 75%, [3] and Pakistan with a prevalence rate of 47% [4].

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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Understanding the prevalence of hemorrhoids emphasizes the need to address this health concern. Seeking appropriate medical guidance is essential to ensure overall well-being, especially for pregnant women. If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, being informed about the potential occurrence of hemorrhoids can help you take proactive steps to manage and address them effectively.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy, a prevalent concern, can contribute to the discomfort experienced in the third trimester and within a month postpartum. This condition affects about 60%-80% of pregnant individuals, highlighting the importance of seeking effective management strategies to ensure a smoother journey through this significant phase of life.

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Despite undergoing various treatments, hemorrhoids have the potential to reoccur at a rate of 10% to 50%, whether the approach is surgical or non-surgical.

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How Does Aulatin™ Work?

Discover the Effectiveness of Aulatin™ and how it brings relief to hemorrhoid discomfort.

Aulatin™ is a unique solution designed to ease the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. It contains five powerful and natural ingredients: Hamamelis, Bismuth Gallate, Tea Tree oil, Tannins, and Lanolin. Each of these ingredients has its own special abilities.

Some help with healing, some provide relief from burning, others soothe the irritation, and a few even stop the itchiness.

When you apply Aulatin™, its powerful formula starts working immediately dealing with main symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. The result is a comprehensive approach that not only relieves discomfort but also supports the natural healing process of the affected area. Discover the combined benefits of these five powerful ingredients in Aulatin™, ensuring rapid relief, lasting recovery, and comprehensive healing from hemorrhoids.

For those seeking a hemorrhoids solution, Aulatin™ provides a powerful and effective option for addressing discomfort and promoting healing.


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